1. Is all the honey the same ? 

No, bees typical produce honey from flora in a 3.2km radius from the hive. Honey produced from areas that are nearby may share some similarity but there will be very striking differences. 

2. My honey has crystalised, do you feed sugar and mix honey ?

No. Crystalised honey occurs in raw untreated honey. Honey that crystalises, is a visual sign of purity and that is has not been mucked around with in anyway. 

Honey itself is a natural sweet concentration. The main reason honey will  crystallises is due to the amount of glucose in honey. When it separates from water it turns into small crystals, honey is around 17.8% water.

Depending on what the bees have foraged on, crystalisation can occur at different rates, some may crystalise in 2 months or after 2 years. Temperature also plays a role in how fast a honey will crystalise, typically will crystalise quicker in colder climates.

To decrystalise, simply place the jar in sunlight or in a bowl of warm water. This will melt the crystals back to being runny honey.

3. What's the return policy ?

Being a food product there are no returns. However if you have any questions please do get in contact.